We’re a small but powerful creative travel agency, based in Kokkino Nero, Greece

The Red Holidays Agency was established in mid-2016. Despite the recent establishment, the agency Red holidays, by experienced and well trained team.
We can provide innovative and effective proposals. Our office has as its main goal, direct service, and the best to meet your needs, build relationships of trust with our customers.

We trade your holidays and it’s time to relax. We have all the conditions to have fun and enjoy your stay.
Conducted in accordance with the instructions and requirements of our customers.
We understand the necessity for economic choices and set a priority to customer satisfaction.

Red holidays is a company that offers the whole range of tour services that will help you choose the appropriate destination and will present all the necessary information connected with it.

Rental rooms, transport with buses, event handling and optional customer care is some from our services.

Quality, reliability and security of our customer’s transactions, strictly guaranteed by our office.  Located in the center of Kokkino Nero.
We also have an impressive list of property address, the forecourt, through relying on your properties.

We like to surprise you pleasantly with our fresh ideas, novelties in branch and traditionally high-quality products.

We will do our best to assure a high-level service and promptness in solving your requests.

As a prospect company in continuous development we are open to collaborations.
We are interested in new ideas that will assure a mutual advantageous partnership and sustainable development.