Real estate

Your office activates itself in the past few years in the space of real estates.  We provide qualitative services regarding in the management of real estates in beach of Larissa, but also Pan-Hellenic in collaboration with the more serious corresponding offices of our space. With deepest knowledge of market, taking into consideration the interest of our customers, consequently and effectiveness we were differentiated as company by the competition and ensured a distinguished place in the space of market of real estates.

The wide network of collaborators of company ensures us the fast but also qualitative service of our customers. Team work and the big previous experience of our collaborators have led to the estimate and the respect of broker’s space opposite us but also the confidence of our customers.

Spectrum of Mediations and offered Services of RED:

1) Estimates of Real estates

2) Sales and Hires of Residences

3) Sales and Hires of Professional real estates, Buildings and Offices

4) Sales ready and operation of Enterprises, Hotels etc.

5) Allowances and Contract works

6) Markets and Sales of Plots and extents

7) Management of Motionless Fortune

8) Service of Renovations of residences and enterprises of any kind

9) Actuarial Services

The way with which we achieve our objectives is based on our insistence in certain irrefrangible beginnings.


Our collaborators are the founding stone of our company. All, Estate agents, Lawyers, Notaries, Banking, but also Technical advisers, have been specialized in the sector of real estates and work bodily for the benefit of multiple services to our customers.


Each one of us devotes completely to his work and it does not abandon the effort if is not satisfied the customer. The work begins with the event of interest and does not finish. We stand next to the customer and him we even support, when his command has been completed.


For us does not exist unsolvable problems in the space of real estates. Each command is also a challenge. We created in the market of real estate the fame that we can find solution and in the strangest problems, because we possess complete knowledge and specialization.


The market of real estate’s changes with rabidly rhythms. We and our collaborators we try continuously to be adapted immediately in the changes. We use simultaneously technical means for the presentation of real estates.

We have big experience and knowledge in the service of customers which emanates from over the world.

We expect to know to you closely, in order to you we offer we and our collaborators our better services.

Therapeutically tourism

The therapeutically tourism (thermalism) belongs in the category of tourism of well-being that is addressed in tourists that wish they enrich their interruptions with services of improvement or maintenance of their health. In this category are included, also, activities as the SPA, thalassotherapy, the hydrotherapy etc.

The therapeutically source of Red Water was used from ancients years. The water was known and especially effective for the confrontation and treatment of various illnesses.

The therapeutic attributes of therapeutically waters were acquaintances, already, from the ancient years. According to the Latin historical Plionio which said that “if somebody throws in the fountain of Eurimenon this golden jewel it will be changed in Stone…” it is believed that exists probability in Red Water found itself the ancient city Eurimenes.  The Red Water is settlement of Municipality Eurimenon in tall planes and it is found in their foot of Kissabos, it took his name from the therapeutically source that it little outside spurts from the settlement directed from the settlement to the Orifice. His color is owed in hydroxides of iron that color the Stones in his passage.

The temperature of water is 17 degrees of Celsius and visitors from Greece and the abroad him visits the festival months for spa therapy and drink therapy after are from very little in Greece, potable therapeutically waters rich in metal elements.

Special hydrogeologists have been reported in the sources of Red Water as appreciable as for chemistry, and elements as acidic – carbonic acid, calcareous, magnesius and metal ferrous. Elements as chemistry the waters, the benefits, the environment and the infrastructure in the wider space of sources make Red Water important destination for the visitors that they want they make spa therapy. In the past few years were built four small stone reservoirs special for spa therapy and work of reformation of environment of space for more pleasant moments of stay of visitors. The specifically shaped path leads you to Kolybithra with exceptionally frozen therapeutically water, that it constitutes and attraction the region.

Drink therapy it helps in a line from diseases the urinary and gastrointestinal system with it dissolves the stones in the kidneys and in the bile and it smooths the stones of urinary. Other diseases are the osteoarthritis, the constipation, the indigestion, drank gastritis and the enteritis.

Characterization of water: Cold HCO3- Ca- Mg- CO2 hypotonic therapeutically water.



Holiday with yacht:
Where, how & why

Endless hours in the sea, with view the light blue horizon, the night sky and stars. Early the morning a mug of coffee, swimsuit for pyjamas and afterwards plunge in deep. Only you and close-bodied, in bay, secret from the many in the most popular islands. The interruptions with yacht, if all well with the sea, they constitute way of life, which however they can follow all.

The reason is not mainly economic: Below we will see that the cost of renting yacht probably exceeding what thus and differently we calculate for our interruptions – if we have the possibility we go interruptions. Yacht wants “work” – specifically if she is the company that it will undertake subjects of sailing route, cleanness, cooking. Moreover, such type interruptions require very good relations between “naytepibates”, while the environment of ship are enough limited. Finally, with the meteorological forecasts they are not always so much precise, should no one be prepared for potential… adventures.

Rent a yacht.

Usually in the process of renting of yacht ship for interruptions will enter somebody that has already diploma of sailing (bareboat sailing) – is more interest, while will not need is engaged skipper. Moreover, the new legislation allows the renting of ship only if at least a individual allocates the particular diploma and essentially another individual signs solemn statement that he has naval experience and can help if it is judged essential. If such something is not in effect in your case you want to travel, you calculate that, depending on the company to which you will lead, the wage skipper, the specialized that is to say yachtsman-skipper, it oscillates from 150 until 250 Euros per day.

The cost of renting of yacht depends from his size, the press and his manufacture. Speaking for small yacht we mean somebody with length from 8 until 10 roughly meter, which usually allocates two cabins (up to four individuals) and is intended more for near travels. A intermediate ship reaches the 13 meters, has cooker, living room, bathroom with shower and it can entertain until six individuals. Big yacht in Greece usually oscillate in the 15 meters, even if of course they exist also bigger, they are ideally for big travels and can entertain eight or even more individuals.

Moreover, the prices in order to you rent ship change depending on the period (as it happens and with the hotels), with whether him you want completely equipped (e.g. with sheets, towels, GPS, automatic pilot, foods and water) and from whether you will undertake you the cleaning or will engage personnel. Finally, role in the money that you will spend it will also play how much you will use the machine of ship, how much oil (or petrol of proportionally type of ship) you will need.

How much money I will need

We communicated with three companies of renting yacht and were informed for the costs of this year’s season:


Where you can travel

Depending on the size of ship, the skipper’s experience and… the days of authorization that you have, yacht you it gives the possibility of travelling in more innumerable Greek destinations – and sure in from one:

The company Red Holidays and sail gives you the occasion to discover the beauties of Pelion and Parasitic Gulf, but mainly the cluster of islands, known as Sporades.

Red Holidays and sail organize excursions that they transport to you in the beaches that are usually inaccessible with the car, but also in busy cosmopolitan resorts, discovering the Greek hospitality and amusement.



Alternative tourism

In Red Holidays we find always in your disposal the all months of time offering not only services in the sector of alternative tourism, but also possibility of organizations of events, congresses, athletic fights in the region of Thessaly.


  • Rafting
  • Canoe
  • Trekking-mountaineering
  • Canyoning Gorge
  • Gorge I cover 1 Kissabos
  • Gorge I cover 2 Kissabos
  • Gorge Rakopotamoy Mayroboyni
  • Gorge Mylopotamoy Pelion
  • Gorge Orlia, Olympus
  • Excursions with Zodiac
  • Sailing
  • Jeep safari 4×4-tours
  • Crossing of Philoctites
  • Cycling M.T.B
  • Multi sport activities








Company programs

It is staffed by authentic persons, with knowledge of Greek nature, experienced in the activities which have changed their work in way of life. The Pan-Hellenic network of collaborators, the continuous certification and colorful experience in the branch are the guarantee for the dynamics, organized and achieved concretization of each corporate program.

Travels of motives that organize the companies in order to the reward the executives and they stimulate the moral of their personnel. In Red Holidays organize Incentives me duration from few hours up to a lot of days for the companies that wish they improve the labor climate and they stimulate the bonds with pleasant way.

Corporate Meetings Environment – Volunteerism – Social Responsibility.

Corresponding in the need for environmental sensitization, awakening and voluntary action, we created a line of programs that is addressed in the worker (and his family) each enterprise.

* Cleanings of beaches and forestall extents

* Reforestations

* Experiential programs of reduction of waste that we produce in the office or the house

* Briefing and change of our alimentary habits

* Prompt for exercise and reduction of use of car they constitute certain from our proposals.



Medical tourism

The persons of Red Holidays support of her collaborators of doctors, created therapeutic management of patients in the Medical Tourism.

That is to say those persons that want they combine their interruptions with certain medical action of treatment.

As for their interruptions, our direct collaborators, professionals of Tourism, will organize the travel, the stay, and their free time always in combination with the therapeutic program.

The profit for our customers is multiple:

Lower therapeutic cost (competitive prices, compared with other countries, even from those of Asia and N. America etc. Without lists of waiting High medical care or diagnostic services of also hospitality. Protection of specialty of patient as well as human and psychological support Exists a basic problem with the different contagious illnesses, that are related with the local epidemiology between the countries from where emanates the bigger percentage of visitors of medical tourism (Asia etc.), and thus is imported the viruses and the bacteria, when they return in the homeland. Greece, as European country, neither had proportional experiences of corresponding situations, did not belong never in this category of countries. Unforgettable interruptions in magic parts visit no, exceptional climate (ideal for the recovery), Greek hospitality and fantastic food, for which Greece was recognized worldwide.

Interruptions and treatment in Greece

You search to make a short break or for rested interruptions, exist a lot of reasons in order to you select Greece as your destination. If however you need and some treatment, then Greece is the ideal destination, without it needs you choose between the two. Can have him also the two, calm interruptions and exceptionally high treatment. The persons of Red Holidays work hardly in order to they offer to you the calm and the discretion so as to you take the correct decision for this particular, as much as unique combination of interruptions and treatment.

Firstly Greece is exceptionally multi culture. Whoever if it is also your personal preference for your interruptions, it is sure that your travel in Greece will cover your particular requirements. The history and the Ancient Greek culture with her traditions, the flavors and her perfumes, her classic architecture, her mountains, shaping tables of painting unique with the sea, the perfumes of olive groves, orange, lemon trees and thyme in the unique beautiful Greek nature, but also her beaches with the unique color of sea with the perfume from the seaweed and salty food guarantee a live communication with the place, as well as erotic as much as romantic disposal for himself the life and they will not leave voids in your preferences.  The islands, the sun and the sea, the architecture and the culture constitute the comparative advantages of place and be founded the better publicity.